SM64 Bloopers A trip to Robloxia PART 106:30

SM64 Bloopers A trip to Robloxia PART 1

My latest Blooper! :D

This is FireMario126 He makes bloopers that are very Humorous and an Early Machinimast. His  best friends are GlitchyMario64,Cosmicclone123, and LuigiFan383.

His VideosEdit

FM126's videos are usually Bloopers, Maachinimas and Lets Plays on NES SNES and N64 games. He occasionlly plays Roblox with LuigiFan383 and CosmicClone123 and records. When he's bored he'll also do updates and plush videos.

Likes and DisikesEdit

Likes:                                                     Dislikes: Emiga, StarMan3, Bell Peppers, Football, Zombies


Legend Of Zelda


Trains (loljk)

Fast Cars



His Superstar saga sprite!


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